W H A T    H A P P E N S    N E X T ?



I feel our paths are non-convergent but this urge is taking me

I feel it's over but I drove her into the arms of insanity

I must be leaving, maybe drowning in a world so dark inside

A path that's bending, never ending leaving truth no place to hide

We can do black magick in the rain

We'll hide our sorrow and our pain

Voodoo, rum, and cigarettes

So the smoke can tell us what happens next

Give me one last chance, just one more dance

The sun never shined on us anyway

Light the fire, feel inspired

We'll find some final words to say

Pick a dying flower for each hour

Feel our heat combine, your's and mine

There's something tragic in this magick

For one last time in our prime

First Single

What Happens Next? is the first single released off of DICHOTOMY. You can stream it or download it from every major platform now!


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What Happens Next? (Official Music Video)

The official music video for the magickal song What Happens Next? which will appear on the upcoming album DICHOTOMY, coming January 19, 2019