A NEW 10

The album A New 10 was released April 13, 2018 and covers the topics of lost love, tragedy, depression, and suicide.



The morning that you left my dad said there was nothing he could say

My mom cried with every breath

While you packed your stuff and walked away

A few days of feeling dead, I went to them and I was terrified

I told them that I needed help; their little boy was dead inside

I wonder if you could know just how far I would go

To feel less miserable? But I don't think that you cared

When I got to the hospital the police said they wished the best for me

But it just seemed impossible that I could ever be free

I remember the cold nights staring out the window at the city lights

My family would visit me; I will never be all right

How can I ask them to help me get through all this pain?

How do I tell those who love me what's going on inside my brain?

I'll put on a happy face and pretend that I'm gonna be ok

While my life is shattered when you chose to walk away