#Strong Enough



The #STRONGENOUGH campaign is named after the third track on the album DICHOTOMY and was created by John Harris to raise awareness for suicide prevention, and give hope to people going through the darkness of depression and suicidal ideation.

In 2017, John's wife of 10 years left him for a person that she had an affair with. John fell into a deep, dark depression and attempted suicide on December 8, 2017. John was hospitalized and after a week, was released. John now works as a suicide prevention crisis counselor on the side of being a musician, helping those who are suffering like he did.

It's from this first-hand experience as a suicide survivor, as well as through his work in suicide prevention, that John has developed the #StrongEnough: Green Light Campaign. This campaign focuses on a "one night at a time" mentality to help pull people through the toughest times in their lives.


The goal of the #StrongEnough: Green Light campaign is to give people a safe place to socialize where money isn't an issue, and they are free to leave at anytime without judgment. 

Special events will be going on across Syracuse, NY that are free of charge to help those that feel no hope get through one more night, creating special and unique memories with a positive tone.

Keep checking back for concerts, art exhibitions, and creative events that are open to anyone and everyone free of charge.


If suicide is a dark tunnel, the future is the light at the end of the tunnel. That bright, white light may seem blinding and distant. A green light will help you see your immediate surroundings to safely find your way out of the tunnel.

Enjoy a free download of Strong Enough off of DICHOTOMY