L O V E ,   A G A I N


I feel a darkness leaving me, one I felt inside​

A nightmare that won't let me be, It makes me want to hide

I'm trying to help others to make amends for my mistakes

I hope I have it in me, I hope I have what it takes

You see, hope is a theme, you hear it all throughout my story

It's a staple of humanity, it came long before me

I thought it was a tool for the weak and the lazy

But hope, it breeds life. Hope is what brings me

To love, I'm ready to love again

To love, I'm ready to love again

And everyday I hear those demons and their screaming, haunting voices

Some are mine and some are other's, but I know what the choice is

And everyday I hear the world end for so many other people

But I open up the door and I'm reminded by a symbol

Of hope, of life, of love, of future, and I know it won't be easy

I know it's not that simple

But I see the smiling faces of so many who love

Then I tell myself I'm strong enough even though I know I can't see

The love, I'm ready to love again

The love, I'm ready to love again

I rise and I fall and I can see what this live brings

And I everyday I see the sunrise, and I listen as the birds sing

I'll make friends with my demons, and this void inside will fill in

Second chances are rare, but second chances are everything

Love, Again (Official Music Video)

The official music video for the new song Love, Again off of the upcoming album DICHOTOMY, coming January 19, 2019

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