A NEW 10

The album A New 10 was released April 13, 2018 and covers the topics of lost love, tragedy, depression, and suicide.



I don't belong in this day and age. I can't sleep, I'm obsolete

I sing my songs, cuz I can't seem to pray. I'm so weak, I'm obsolete

So close your eyes and see that I could never really be me

As lost as I seem I'm stuck in this haunting dream

I've given me a chance to fall in a crashing fireball

Soul tells me to dream

It's your name on my final scream

I found hope in a lasting smile of a girl I know from a time unknown

I dream of a world where it was only us

But she's so scared, so I don't know

To her I say take my hand in a leap of faith, to her I say

I promise you the world if you can save my soul

In a fairytale world. In our own world