A NEW 10

The album A New 10 was released April 13, 2018 and covers the topics of lost love, tragedy, depression, and suicide.


She woke up, she wanted a new life

We broke up, she never was a good wife

We were living in a fantasy

Seemed she wanted someone I couldn't be

And she ended it all, and she ended it all, and she ended it all

We were living a picture perfect dream

She wanted something else between the sheets

She told me she was settling for me

She wanted something innocent and sweet

She felt no remorse, she felt no remorse, she felt no remorse

All I wanted was a world

With a perfect romance, the strongest composure

But underneath the creaking floors

Grew the roots of a sad fate, no hope for closure

Now I see it, the lie she let me lead

I'm tortured by a void inside of me

16 years and you don't love me anymore

So go on and find your little whore

She laughed and she's gone, she laughed and she's gone

She laughed and she's gone