The album Wake the Dead was released on October 31, 2017 and deals with the topics of mental health and fear. This album was recorded in paranormal locations across Central New York thanks to Casper Cop James Penn.



We are the ghosts of another world

Poison water laced, so I heard

An empty promise made of shallow words

We are the ghosts of a better world

We are the bane of a dying world

In a field of faith so absurd

A hollow death, embraced, falling short

We are the ghosts


So open your eyes and see

That it should only be you and me

Now I can try to be

Better for you and me

So open your wings and fall

In a crashing fire ball

It's not my time to call I guess

I'm alive after all


Hopeful hearts do speak of a better life

One without the pain, without the strife

But with a hopeful heart, I took a wife

So the future's here to live my life

To save a dying world, the lovers fight

With a burning fate, a lasting blight

Greed takes our lives, a minor slight

We are the ghosts